Established in 1994 and with a portfolio of over 4000 products, Dental World and Medical Supplies W.L.L has more than 25 years of experience in the importation and distribution of Medical and Dental Equipment, Consumables, Disposables as well as a wide range of Medical and Dental Accessories and spare parts. With a sole commitment to efficient Customer Service, Dental World is the premier distributor in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

additionally, Dental World & Medical Supplies has a strong commitment to customer service and on-time delivery. This is the mission of Dental World and it is this mission that has propelled the company into the oldest and most prestigious importer/distributor in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Divided into 2 departments, Dental World and Medical Supplies provides both Dental and Medical Products.

Dental World & Medical Supplies W.L.L


Our mission is to provide ‘World Class’ products that improve oral & medical health while delivering outstanding value and service to our customers


Our vision is to provide the means to ensure a healthier lifestyle, we will achieve this by:-

1)   By ensuring cutting edge medical and dental products are available to the Bahraini and regional markets.

2)   We strive to become our customers’ preferred supplier for all their healthcare related needs.

3)  To add to the growing portfolio of companies we represent thereby ensuring we remain as one of the leading companies in the Medical and Dental supply sector in The Kingdom of Bahrain and the greater GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council)


Our work will be guided and informed by our commitments and beliefs to-

1)  Quality- We strive for excellence through continuous improvement and constant reassessment of our standards and practices to ensure the highest standards of quality are met.

2)  Customer Centricity- We are guided by the ethos that the needs of the customer will be met in every instance.

3)  Innovation- We are committed to providing the most innovative products in the medical and dental sector.

4)  People- We believe our staff is the biggest asset of the company and hence developing people is fundamental to our growth.